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SCORELCA is a French association created in march 2012, which is aiming to promote and organise cooperation between industrial, institutional or scientific actors. This collaboration is able to promote a positive, shared and recognised evolution of global environmental quantification methods at the European and international level, in particular of life cycle assessment (LCA), and putting them into practice.
The association is a cooperative research structure, whose governance is provided by its active members (whose headquarters are in France) and is guided through a Scientific Board.

Thus, SCORELCA aims at:

  • defining the research programmes relating to LCA (these programmes are entrusted to research teams and/or public or private providers);
  • promote exchange between the different actors involved in using LCA (whether they are sponsors or practitioners) in order to collectively construct the best practices in that field;
  • ensure large dissemination of achieved progress in the field of data, methods, and feedback, as well as of best practices in that field;
  • take action in the context of European and international scientific exchange, in order to ensure technological monitoring on LCA, and to inform the international scientific community about achieved scientific progress with SCORELCA.


The SCORELCA Association organises its 2nd WORKSHOP.

This workshop will present the results of the last studies and examples of applications performed by its members.
This workshop aims to promote exchanges between stakeholders, guests and members of SCORELCA on LCA research and in particular on the concrete applications of the results in corporations.

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The SCORELCA team.

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